National Food Day: Calling All (Apple) Crunchers

What does your daily diet look like? Do a lot of your meals come in plastic wrapping? Is your tendency to reach for a can of soda instead of a glass of water? If you incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet, do you know what farm your produce came from?

Thursday is Food Day, a nationwide celebration of healthy, affordable, sustainably produced food. People all across the country will be striving to “Eat Real” by subbing out those pre-packaged snacks and sugary sodas for healthier alternatives like sustainably-grown fruits, vegetables, and other natural foods.

How can you do your part? There might be an event happening near you that you can join or you can simply try checking your food labels, reaching for nourishing produce instead of sugary snacks, and being as resourceful as possible for a day.

You can also participate in the Big Apple Crunch and help set the world record for the “Most Participants in an Apple-Crunching Event” – a whopping 1,000,000 Crunchers are necessary to set the record!

New Yorkers can sign up to participate in a group Crunch in the city, or simply head over to a GrowNYC Greenmarket to bite into a big apple in the Big Apple.  The GrowNYC Greenmarkets are a “safe space” for food, where over 200 local farmers, fishers and bakers sell what they grow, raise, catch and bake themselves. Drop by, bite into your apple, and pick some up to take home!

You can also host your own Crunch with friends or on your own. Read more details and sign up here!

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[image from Big Apple Crunch]