Green Mountain Energy Commuter Challenge kicks off

This October, we’re celebrating Energy Awareness Month, a nationwide effort to emphasize the importance of energy in our daily lives and its impact on the environment.

This week we launched our inaugural Green Commuter Challenge, a month-long internal initiative to encourage employees to utilize green commuting options. Participants from our offices in Austin, Houston, New York City and Plano will be rewarded with prizes, including free lunch, gift cards and much more!

A green commute is any means of work transit that results in fewer carbon dioxide emissions and less congestion than driving alone in a conventional gasoline vehicle. All month long, our employees are making an extra effort to walk, bike, ride the bus or train, carpool, and drive an alternatively fueled vehicle, into the office.

“During the spring, summer and fall, I ride my bike to work two to three days per week,” John Yand, Retailer Acquisition Manager, New York City, said. “My green commuter challenge is to double that frequency in October. If the weather remains as cooperative as it’s been, I should be well on my way.”

Employee commuting accounts for more than 60 percent of our total company carbon footprint. We commit to offsetting 100 percent of our carbon emissions, so every ton of carbon dioxide that we reduce makes a sizable difference. In addition, our collective efforts can improve local air quality, lower traffic and create a ripple effect in our various communities.

This Green Commuter Challenge is an offshoot of our Green Commuter Program, which is a year-long point-based program to incentivize employees to use more environmentally friendly commuting methods on an everyday basis.

To learn more about how you can improve air quality and lessen traffic congestion, click here.