Green Mountain Employee Spotlight: Reiko

EDITOR’S NOTE: At Green Mountain Energy, we’re dedicated to changing the way power is made, and we’re fortunate to have employees who share our vision. Get a closer look at who’s helping accomplish our mission by reading our employee profiles.


Reiko is a proud food truck addict. Here she is, in all her post-food
truck chase glory, at Mighty Cone in Austin, TX.


NAME: Reiko Takemasa


TITLE: Product Manager


WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT THE WORK YOU DO? It’s that no two days are ever the same, and I have to strain both sides of my brain.  Sometimes, I get to think about how I want customers to “feel” if I have a new product idea or talk to cool technology vendors about a new application. When I’m launching a product, I get to work with just about every functional group at Green Mountain from care agents to sales operations to legal to marketing, etc. I love the learning and getting to see so many different people’s perspectives every day.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR NEST “LEAFS”: This was my first summer in Texas, so I almost died in the heat – but still I earned 31 Nest Leafs in July, which puts me in the top 5% of Nesters nationally!  I challenge anyone to beat that 🙂

WHAT’S THE MOST USEFUL PIECE OF ADVICE ANYONE EVER GAVE YOU? The most memorable is the “mom/front page of newspaper” advice; whether it’s an email you’re writing, a phone call, or something you do, always think about what it would be like if your mom was watching or if the piece ended up on the front page of a newspaper.  If it’s not something you’d be proud of, then maybe you need to think a little bit more about it.