The 9/11 Survivor Tree

Green Mountain keeps in our thoughts and extends our best wishes to all of the people affected by the tragic events of 9/11 12 years ago, and we’d like to recognize one unique story of strength and resilience…

One tree at the site where the World Trade Center stood in New York City was rescued from the rubble of the attacks in October 2001, long after recovery workers expected to find anything alive on the site. The “Survivor Tree,” a Callery pear tree, originally was planted near the buildings in the 1970s. The tree’s breed often does not survive storms or high winds, but the Survivor Tree has withstood the force of multiple hurricane seasons and endured severe burns. With only one living branch after the attacks, the tree was revitalized and returned Dec. 22, 2010, to the National September 11 Memorial site, where it currently thrives as a symbol of our country’s undying spirit.

To learn more about the Survivor Tree, click here. Also, read about the sustainable design of the 9/11 Memorial here

Image courtesy of 9/11 Memorial Staff