Renewable energy you can trust

It’s become trendy for companies to jump on the sustainability bandwagon. The truth is, we’re the country’s longest serving renewable energy retailer, and there is nothing we take more seriously than our mission to change the way power is made!

This doesn’t start and stop with the products that we offer. Rather, we volunteer each year to go through a rigorous process to validate the renewable energy content of every product we sell. These time-intensive third-party audits ensure we meet our internal environmental standards and are integral to how we run our business – with integrity, sustainability and transparency. That means our customers can rest easy knowing that we are delivering on our  cleaner electricity and carbon offset product content promises.

Recently, we released our 2012 Voluntary Product Portfolio Audit, and we encourage you to read it and learn more about our efforts and what sets us apart.

We stand behind our commitment to cleaner energy. Thank you for your support!