Harvesting Solar on a Central Texas Farm

Non-profit farmland and sustainable agriculture training organization, World Hunger Relief, harvested a new crop of renewable energy today with the help of one crucial resource: the sun. The farm celebrated a brand new solar array donated by the Green Mountain Energy™ Sun Club™ this morning as they “flipped the switch” on their new solar panels.

The panels are installed on top of a new pavilion, providing solar energy to the organization’s operations and shade to its patrons. This array was made possible by a $30,000 donation to the farm earlier this spring. The 10-kilowatt solar array covers 760 square feet on the roof of the pavilion. The array is expected to generate 14,200 kilowatt-hours of pollution-free energy and avoid 16,400 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) each year. That’s like not driving 18,200 miles!

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The farmland in Waco teaches sustainable agriculture skills. Participants in that program then implement and pass along those teachings to communities in remote and developing nations. The Sun Club solar array will enable the organization to reduce its energy costs, with savings being used toward programs that address world hunger. Information about solar power will be shared during the many school tours and field trips from visiting organizations, educating the organization’s 5,000 annual visitors on the importance of renewable energy and its use at World Hunger Relief.