50 Reasons We Love the Sun Club

Green Mountain Energy Employees at Armand Bayou

The Sun Club dedicated its 50th solar donation to Armand Bayou Nature Center, a non-profit organization that preserves an oasis of wetlands and more than 370 animal species in southeast Houston. The nature preserve now hosts 29 solar panels, contributing to more than 575 kilowatts of solar power the Sun Club has collectively added to the electric grid through its 50 solar projects. Learn More | Press Kit

In honor of this important milestone earlier today, we present to you the top 50 reasons we love the Sun Club!

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We love the Sun Club  because…


It allows non-profits to support the environment and save on their energy bills.


Crowdsourcing is cool – relatively small donations by many people combine to make a big difference.


It increases consumption of clean solar energy by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The Sun Club prevents more than 877,900 pounds of CO2 each year, which is enough to fill 70.9 million cowboy hats – yeehaw!


It builds awareness of renewable energy through dedication and donation events.


It educates students, non-profits and the general public on how solar power works.


It helped the Austin Ronald McDonald House become the world’s first LEED Platinum Ronald McDonald House.


The sun is our oldest energy source and the Sun Club is putting it to even greater use.


It has worked with many different types of non-profits to promote solar energy– from zoos and museums to Habitat for Humanity and other service organizations.


It donates innovative solar technology besides solar electric, such as solar trams to the Dallas Arboretum.


It helps Moody Gardens reduce their landfill-bound trash by 75% with the donation of solar trash compacting/recycling stations.


It’s making solar more accessible to the community by putting more solar in public places.


It’s helping students at Texas State Technical College train for a career in solar installation.


It donated the arrays for the first solar-powered Habitat for Humanity homes in Houston and Dallas.


It helped the Waco Chamber of Commerce become the first LEED-certified chamber building in the nation.


The Sun Club made the first major donation of $10,000 to new non-profit, Singularity Solar Energy, resulting in two arrays being installed on the homes of low-income residents of Denton, TX.


It’s helping four zoos and two aquariums with their mission of wildlife conservation through solar donations.


Have you ever enjoyed a Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie pint? Those brownies are baked with sunshine thanks to a Sun Club solar array at Greyston Bakery! The annual pounds of carbon dioxide emissions the array at Greyston Bakery avoids is equal to the weight of 75,500 of their chocolate fudge brownies.


Sun Club donations have been made to non-profits in 22 cities across Texas and the North East


We’ve “flipped the switch” far and wide – the longest distance between two Sun Club donations is 2,091 miles.


Our largest donation – a 58 kilowatt array at the Winston School – is as large as an Olympic-size swimming pool.


Non-profits can receive anything from a roof-mounted array or a ground mount, to a solar-powered cart or trash compactor!


About 3,000 dogs and cats go home with their new families each year after spending time in shade of the solar pavilion at Texas Humane Heroes.


The Sun Club donation to Dallas Children’s Theater made it the first theater to use solar energy in North Texas.


A Sun Club solar generator powers one of the Philabundance hunger-relief warehouses, which helps provide food to approximately 65,000 people each week.


The da Vinci School in Dallas, TX, was the 25th recipient of a solar array from the Sun Club in 2010.


The Sun Club solar array at GrowNYC Union Square Greenmarket offsets 750 pounds of CO2 each year, which is like not taking 298 New York City cab rides!


Ballroom Marfa’s 5.25 kilowatt solar array helps power ten concerts on average annually.


The Sun Club was founded in 2002 as the Big Texas Sun Club®, but its name was changed to the Green Mountain EnergyTM Sun ClubTM in 2011 when the program launched in New York. Since then it’s expanded even further into Pennsylvania, with no plans for slowing down.


Pontoon boat tours of the bayou at Armand Bayou Nature Center are now powered by the sun!


The light switch used to “flip the switch” on our Sun Club arrays weighs about 17 pounds.


The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is one of the city’s most beautiful outdoor attractions. The sprawling 66 acres shine a little brighter thanks to the addition of six new solar-powered trams, outfitted with 460-watt and 190-watt arrays, donated by the Sun Club!


A Sun Club solar array helps power the Houston Zoo as home to more than 4,500 exotic animals representing more than 800 species.


Sun Club Program Manager, Tony Napolillo, has changed his facial hair 4 times since he began managing the Sun Club in 2006.


The Sun Club has installed more than 575 kilowatts of solar power on the roofs and campuses of worthy non-profits and helped educate the surrounding communities on the importance of this resource.


There are currently active Sun Club members in Texas, Pennsylvania, and New York.


Green Mountain Energy employees began joining the Sun Club as members in 2012!


We came with a light switch and left with a puppy! Our Sun Club manager Tony adopted a puppy at the Texas Humane Heroes dedication.


We emceed a “movie star” costume contest to kick-off the concert series at the Arboretum – the band came on stage in one of their solar powered carts!


We carried a big check on the subways of New York to get to the GrowNYC check presentation.


We teamed up with Rice University students to build the roof to the Habitat for Humanity home receiving the solar panels.


In addition to using renewable energy, Waco’s World Hunger Relief is a “no-flush” campus. That’s right – they have composting toilets!


Greensgrow Farms will host 58 CSA pick-up days and farm markets each year under a Sun Club solar pavilion.


The oversized Sun Club light switch hangs in our office when it’s not being used. When we need a good idea, we go over and flip the switch.


You wouldn’t believe it, but at nearly every event, someone asks us the light switch actually turns on lights. (For the record, it’s made of plaster)


It’s not always easy to get pictures of the solar arrays. We’ve been loaded up on elevator-dollies, climbed on the hoods of cars and been escorted by custodians to get a view of our various installations.


The amount of carbon dioxide emissions our solar donations avoid each year weighs as much as 2 Statue of Liberties.


Garden Oaks Elementary in Houston, TX, won our 2012 Facebook “Vote for Solar Challenge,” and received $1,500 worth of solar light installations.


The solar-powered trams at the Dallas Arboretum help visitors needing assistance get around and enjoy seasonal outdoor festivals, concerts, art shows and much more!


Our 50th Sun Club donation was made to Armand Bayou Nature Center in 2013. The nature preserve protects over 370 animal species with the power of solar.


None of the Sun Club’s solar donations would be possible without the generous contributions of our customers! Thank you, Sun Club members!

Why do you love the Sun Club?

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