Sun Club Sends Solar to the West

Our dedicated Sun Club members have just funded two very unique donations that sent us to the West Texas region this week, where the sunsets are radiant and the non-profits are, too!

First stop: The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts in – you guessed it – San Angelo, Texas!
The Museum is located right on the Concho River and houses both permanent and traveling exhibitions of fine art, including ceramics, Texas art, and sculptures. The mission of the Museum has always been to preserve its collections, but it has recently undertaken another mission: to preserve the environment.


San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts is repaving their parking lot with a new material that will absorb rain water in order to prevent it from flushing into the nearby river. They are also constructing a shade pavilion in the parking lot under which they will host events, and on top of which, they will install their solar panels! To check out media coverage of this donation, visit our website.

Next stop: The Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute and Nature Center in Fort Davis, Texas.
The Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute is a non-profit with a mission to promote public awareness, appreciation, and concern for the natural diversity of the Chihuahan Desert Region. The addition of their new ground-mounted array will bring the Institute energy savings; plus, the new tools to teach their community about the importance of renewable energy and its importance in preserving their beautiful surroundings. More good news: as of this week, they’re also an official customer of Green Mountain Energy!


But you know that the Sun Club doesn’t stop here – we’ll be buzzing around all summer putting our generous members’ donations to good use, so stay tuned! And as always, you can check out our Flickr page for pictures of all of our sunny adventures.