Catch a breeze: It’s Global Wind Day!

Today is Global Wind Day, a day for discovering wind, its power and the possibilities it holds to change our world, according to the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).

Wind Turbines

To mark the occasion, we present these fun facts about wind energy that might blow you away!

  • The U.S. wind energy industry saw 28% annual market growth in 2012.
  • For the first time, wind was the No. 1 source of new electricity generating capacity in the U.S. in 2012.
  • Today’s 60 GW of wind power capacity in the U.S. is enough to power the equivalent of more than 15mm typical American homes. This would be equal to the combined households of Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada and Ohio.
  • The 60 GW of wind power can avoid approximately 100mm metric tons of carbon dioxide annually, which is equal to avoiding more than 4.6% of total power-sector carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Installed win power projects in the U.S. conserve water that would be consumed by thermal power plants. More than 35b gallons of water is saved annually by the existing U.S. wind fleet.
  • In 2012, wind energy produced 3.5% of total U.S. electricity supply.
  • Wind power accounted for more than 36% of America’s new electric generating capacity from 2008-2013.
  • Wind energy is included in every single electricity product that Green Mountain Energy offers.

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Source:  Global Wind Report: Annual Market Update 2012