How Clean is Your Footprint?

The DICK’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon took strides to minimize the race’s environmental impact yesterday, and Green Mountain helped them keep the pace by providing carbon offsets to reduce its carbon footprint for the first time!

Our carbon offsets donation zeroed out an estimated 14,500 pounds of CO2 – that’s like 2,600 households turning off their lights for a day! But that’s not all we did to clean up the race…

While you were busy loading up on carbs and catching some Z’s before race day, we power washed the city with our #cleanfootprint, erasing years of dirt from the sidewalks and asking you to consider the impact of your environmental footprint.

Our clean footprints were scattered along the Marathon route for all to see, but ironically the City of Pittsburgh was so in line with being clean, a crew of street cleaners washed the marathon route early in the morning, accidentally washing away our reverse graffiti hours before the race began!

But even though they only lasted a few hours, the footprints did make an impact, and you can see the footprints on our Flickr page.  You can bet that our footprints will pop up again somewhere soon, so stay tuned!