Brunch Locally for a Mother Earth-Friendly Mother’s Day

Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday. My second-favorite thing about the holiday (after handmade gifts from my toddler) is that it’s a great excuse to go out for brunch, possibly my favorite meal. I guess I’m not alone, since the National Restaurant Association says that Mother’s Day is the most popular day to eat out all year (even busier than Valentine’s Day).

If you haven’t booked a reservation yet, here are a few resources to help you find nearby “farm-to-table” restaurants that feature locally sourced ingredients in their menus. While you’re treating Mom  to a taste of the freshest and most delicious foods growing in your part of the country right now, you can honor Mother Earth by enjoying a lower-carbon footprint meal. Your mom deserves the best!

  1. American Farm to Table has restaurant listings for each state:
  2. Eat Well Guide allows you to find listings near you and offers Featured Guides for selected cities like Dallas, Chicago and New York:
  3. You can also simply search “farm to table” for your city on Yelp (

Finally, if you’re in the Houston area we hope you’ll check out Ruggles Green, Houston’s first Certified Green RestaurantTM and a Green Mountain Energy business customer.

p.s. Don’t forget to make a reservation, since everyone else will be out Sunday too!