Sustainable Hearts and Crafts

There’s something we need to come as clean as our renewables about:

We love the environment and are absolutely crazy about our customers.

Since Valentine’s Day is all about showing those you care about how you really feel, we went ahead and made you something that the environment would approve of.

Why give your sweetheart an old book for Valentine’s Day when you can give them a much cuter re-purposed book? This pretty little thing only requires one book,  magazine, or newspaper (something you were going to recycle anyways),  scissors, glue, staples, twine, and five easy steps! Let’s get down to it:

1.) Gather your materials and fold your paper.
Grab an old book, magazine, or newspaper you don’t mind digging into. Tear out some pages (we recommend 6 at a time) and fold them in half.


2.) Cut and staple.
Cut along the edge of the fold in a half-heart shape. Staple all of your pieces together in the center of the crease.


3.) Color in every other fold.
Color in every other fold with your favorite heart-warming shade to make your mobile a little more flashy.


4.) Staple your twine into one of the folds
Cut off a piece of twine and staple into the center of one of your creases.

staple twine

5.) Hang and enjoy, or create a mobile!
You’ve got one down! Create a few more and hang them all together. Your hearts will flutter!

hanging heart


Not feeling super crafty this week? We’ve got you covered: visit our Facebook page for sweet Eco-Valentines to share on your friends’ walls.

Happy Valentine’s Day!