Another Eco-Success at SXSW Eco 2012

The second annual SXSW Eco conference was a success as the conference saw an influx of attendees gather in Austin, Texas this year to listen experts on a variety of sustainability topics ranging from renewable energy, water conservation and corporate sustainability initiatives. The US Department of Energy even organized a “Hackathon” which challenged developers to create a technical app to help users make smarter energy decisions in their everyday life. Green Mountain was right at home knowing a common theme at SXSW Eco was about changing the way we think about energy and the environment.

As a proud sponsor for the second straight year, we also worked with SXSW Eco to make the event carbon-neutral by providing carbon offsets for attendees’ travel and retiring renewable energy certificates (RECs) to offset electricity used to power the event’s AT&T Conference Center.

To further “energize” the conference, our “Win Wind” Scavenger Hunt gave attendees the chance to green their footprint even further. Wind turbines hidden around conference areas were redeemed for green prizes including badges to next year’s SXSW Eco conference, wind energy for the home, carbon offsets for car travel and the opportunity to plant 10 trees for reforestation projects through our good friends at Treecycler.

We want to thank all attendees that shared the #WinWind hashtag and participated in the scavenger hunt! We hope you had as much fun finding the miniature wind turbines as we did hiding them. Congratulations to the lucky #WinWind winners and to all who made the conference a great eco-fabulous success!