Sun Club Members Help Rice Habitat for Humanity Centennial House Go Solar

The Sun Club is at it again! Helen Brauner, Green Mountain Senior Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Planning and Rice University alumna, talks about her experience helping build and dedicate the Rice Centennial House which will run on solar thanks to a $20,000 donation from the Sun Club.

I just returned from our latest Sun Club “Flip the Switch” event in Houston. We do these “Flip the Switch” ceremonies each time a new Sun Club solar array starts powering another deserving non-profit. We even take a giant light switch for the recipient to ceremoniously flip. People are tickled when they see this oversized switch that looks just like a real one, and they love to flip it – kids especially.

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of “flipping the switch” on the Sun Club’s 36th solar dedication.   The newest installation will help power the Rice Habitat for Humanity Centennial House , a home designed by Rice architecture students and built by the Rice community in the 5th Ward in Houston. This Sun Club donation was particularly meaningful for me as earlier this year I participated alongside other Green Mountain employees in helping build the home. To see the finished product and know that our generous Sun Club members helped fund the 5 kW solar array sitting on the roof of the home, made the event particularly exciting. I’m also a proud Rice alumna, and was honored to represent Green Mountain alongside Rice students and alumni as we celebrated their Centennial by doing something for the Houston community.

The owner of this beautiful new home is a hardworking single mom, and she can’t wait to move in. Her kids are excited and have already determined the themes of their bedrooms – Spiderman for the boy and zebra print with hot pink accents for the girl. While the home itself has lots of natural light, new sod in the yard and a pretty little stone patio, one of the most special things about it is the solar array on the roof that will provide this family 100% renewable energy from the sun and lower their electric bills significantly.

If you are a Sun Club member, and I hope that you are because it’s an amazing program, you should be proud of the environmental and societal impact that your money makes. I can’t wait to flip the switch on # 50!