Live Every Day Like it’s Earth Day

After reflecting on this past Earth Day, I’ve come to the conclusion that Earth Day runs deep. For an idea of what I mean, try to remember your first Earth Day memories.

For me, I remember first celebrating Earth Day in elementary school and learning why the plastic six pack rings that held our sodas together should be cut before being thrown into the recycling bin at home. As schoolchildren, we committed to doing this because nobody was comfortable with the thought of cute ducks and marine life getting tangled in uncut six pack rings that day. I also remember Earth Day as the one special day when schoolchildren could get away with “eating dirt” by making “mud pies” out of chocolate chip cookies, pudding mix, and gummy worms. While these Earth Day memories of yesteryear are great memories, they also elicit a sense of forlorn nostalgia.

When I was little, I remember how exciting Earth Day was and how everyone truly believed in making a difference from that day forward. However, when I grew old enough to take out the recycling bin, I’m sad to admit that recycling was reduced to a chore I had to remember to get my weekly allowance. Even worse, I seemed to forget about the ducks and fish that needed to be saved from the plastic six pack rings I promised to cut as a child. Before I get too down on myself about growing up, I’ll just propose that we make every day Earth Day.

As of today, we only have one planet that we can call home. Each time you recycle and practice sustainable living habits, you’re celebrating the spirit of Earth Day. With that, let’s make every day Earth Day by making sustainable decisions daily.

For examples of some green living habits you can adopt daily, check out what some Green Mountain Energy employees are doing to make every day Earth Day.

To reduce his carbon footprint, John at our office in New York City rides his bike to work from Ft. Greene, Brooklyn into Manhattan.

John at Green Mountain Energy's New York office riding his bike to work.

Justin at our Austin office gets excited about laundry by using an Energy Star-certified washing machine that uses less energy and water than a standard washing machine.

Green Mountain Energy employee pointing to his Energy Star washing machine.

To be a green shopper, Lizzi at our Austin office uses reusable shopping bags and encourages others to “do something drastic, say no to plastic” to help reduce waste.

Green Mountain Energy employee using a reusable shopping bag.

Tony at our Austin office regularly takes advantage of our  composting program, to help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.  Composting also helps cut down on CO2 emissions!

Green Mountain Energy employee using a compost bin.

To avoid “phantom energy loss” or wasteful electricity consumed by electronic devices left plugged in when not in use, Shannon at our Austin office regularly unplugs electronics when they’re not being used, or plugs them into a power strip.

Green Mountain Energy employee unplugging a home appliance that's not in use.

Emily from our Portland office makes an effort to raise her awareness of environmental conservation every day.  From low-impact hiking, to camping and volunteering for park or forest cleanups, she’s always in a green state of mind.

Green Mountain Energy employee hiking in Oregon.

For more ways to live every day like its Earth Day, browse the Green Mountain Energy Flickr photo album to see all of our employee pictures from Earth Month.