Green Mountain & Rebuilding Together Dedicate Solar Array in Indianapolis

As Super Bowl XLVI weekend kicks off, Green Mountain Energy Company was proud to be part of yet another initiative to help “green up” the Super Bowl.   Green Mountain donated a residential solar array to a home in the city Near Eastside neighborhood as part of the 17th Annual Kickoff to Rebuild, run by Rebuilding Together.  Rebuilding Together, which was selected as an NFL Super Bowl Sanctioned Charity, is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization working to preserve affordable homeownership and revitalize communities.

Green Mountain Energy flips the switch at the 2012 17th Annual Kickoff to Rebuild in Indianapolis

Green Mountain CEO Paul Thomas helped “flip the switch” to the solar array on Friday, along with Gary Officer, president and CEO of Rebuilding Together and Jack Groh, Director of the NFL’s Environmental Programs.

The solar array is expected to produce 2,094 kilowatt hours (kWh) of clean energy annually and will save over $11,000 in electricity costs over the life of the array.  Great news for the environment and the homeowner’s budget!

By producing pollution-free electricity, the array will help avoid 4,150 lbs of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions annually, which is like:

  • Not driving over 4,600 miles
  • 1,212 houses turning off all of their lights for one day
  • Recycling 10,216 aluminum cans

Green Mountain is honored to be in Indianapolis supporting several NFL sustainability initiatives!

Interested in supporting solar in your own community? Join the Green Mountain Energy Sun Club to help build new solar installations for local non-profits.