2011 Holiday Eco-Gift Guide: Volume II

Charge up your holiday gift lists  – with renewable energy, of course!  Below are a fun selection of devices powered by the sun, water, and even you!

Solar Powered Gifts

JOOS Orange Portable Solar ChargerThe JOOS Orange portable solar charger ($150) charges quickly and works in low light, shade, and even light rain.




SoL Hybrid PowerPack Protective CaseSoL HybridTM Power Pack is a protective case for the iPhone 4/4s that doubles as a solar charger for $90.



Eton Soulra Portable Speakers
If you’re looking for high-quality portable speakers for iPod/iPhone and don’t want to be tied down to a cable, go solar with the Eton NSP500B Soulra XL Sound System for iPod and iPhone ($250).



Solar powered illuminating water bottlesYou can find a Solar-Powered Illuminating Water Bottle at UncommonGoods for $34.




Water and Kinetic Energy Powered Gifts

nPower PEG kinetic energy travel chargerThe nPower® PEG is a travel-sized charger for handheld electronic devices that generates energy as you walk or run, for $160



Brookstone portable power supply deviceThe Portable Power Supply from Brookstone can do it all – from charging your phone to jump-starting your car – with a hand-crank to ensure that you never run out of backup power ($200)



Bedol Water Powered Alarm ClockThe Bedol Water-Powered Alarm Clocks run for months on a single tap water fill-up, starting at $20 from Amazon.com



Battery chargerIt seems like life runs on batteries these days.  Consider using longer-lasting rechargeable batteries from Sanyo eneloop or GP ReCyko, and you can recharge with Energizer’s universal charger ($24 on Amazon.com).  If, like me, you’re still working through a large stash of alkaline batteries, check out the Battery Wizard which promises to extend their life ($30)