2011 Holiday Eco-Gift Guide: Volume I

Give the gift of energy savings this year with devices that will help control household electricity use, as well as some nifty ways to conserve water and waste.

Electricity Savers

The Energy Detective energy use monitor

The Energy Detective (TED) original model enables people without smart meters to see energy usage, starting at $120, while the 5000 Series (starts at $200) includes TED Advisor to send real-time energy usage alerts via email or text



Bits Limited Smart Strip

Bits Limited’s Smart Strips, starting at $30, are power strips that automatically shut off several devices, like Blu-ray players or game consoles, when you turn off a master device, such as a computer or television



Belkin's Conserve Insight modelBelkin’s Conserve line includes a range of energy monitoring and saving devices – we like the Conserve InsightTM ($30), which can be plugged into specific appliances or devices to show you energy usage, cost and environmental impact



Volt-Star's EcoCharger for AC plug-in outletsThe Volt-Star Eco Charger ($30) turns itself off when your device is charged to eliminate “vampire power”.



The Google Nest ThermostatHonorable Mention: the Nest thermostat ($250) is simple, easy, beautiful, and smart – worth adding to your wish list even though it’s sold out until sometime in 2012




Water & Waste Savers

HydroRight Dual Flush ConverterWith the HydroRight Drop-In Dual Flush Converter, it’s easy to reduce your home water usage for under $20 per toilet with easy DIY installation




Stainless steel ice cubesSave water with “reusable ice cubes” made from stainless steel for about $25 (set of 4) from Amazon.com




The NatureMill electric composterThe NatureMill Composter, an easy, fast way to convert your food waste to fertilizer indoors or outdoors, starts at $200 and goes up to $400 for the quietest, largest capacity version