U.S. Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions Increased in 2010

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) recently noted that carbon dioxide emissions increased in 2010 for two key reasons…

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) recently noted that carbon dioxide emissions increased in 2010 for two key reasons:

1) Industrial energy output due to the economic rebound

2) Residential electricity demand during the hot summer.

Since coal is the primary fuel source for electricity in the U.S. (accounting for almost half of generation), higher demand means burning more coal, which means more CO2 and other pollutants.

But this isn’t really a story about energy-related carbon dioxide emissions seeing their largest absolute and percentage increase (213 million metric tons or 3.9 percent) since 1988.  It’s a story about the positive impact each of us can have as individuals.

What small steps are you willing take to reduce your electricity usage? While Green Mountain Energy Company customers are already making a difference by choosing cleaner, pollution-free electricity, there are many things you can still do to help reduce your carbon footprint.   It could be turning the A/C up a few degrees when you leave for work in the morning, unplugging your computer or cell phone charger, or that old standby from childhood – turning off the lights when you leave the room.  You can make a difference every day!