Sustainability OurApproach Banner Our Approach to Sustainability

We’ve outlined a few key ways that we “walk the walk” below:

Customer Offerings

  • Our customers make a difference. We offer consumers and businesses the choice of cleaner electricity, as well as carbon offsets and sustainable solutions for businesses. Since 1997, our customers have avoided 30.6 billion pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is like:

Sustainability OurApproach CarOcon Our Approach to Sustainabilitytaking 2.9 million cars off the road for a year;

House2 Our Approach to Sustainability17.6 million households turning off their lights for a year; or

Sustainability OurApproach TreeIcon Our Approach to Sustainabilityplanting 3.6 million trees.

Check out our customers’ environmental impact by year.

  • We stand behind our products. We open our books each year to a third-party auditor who confirms our customers are getting what we’ve promised, tying 100% of the renewable energy and carbon offsets our customers purchase through the chain of ownership back to the renewable energy or offset project owner. Learn more about our product standards.
  • We support healthy ecosystems. We have worked with American Forests to plant more than 250,000 trees on behalf of our customers since 1997.

Corporate Operations

  • We’re renewably powered. We use 100% renewable energy in all of our offices. That includes the 100% wind energy we use to power this website. We also recently installed an energy monitoring system in our corporate headquarters to help us better manage our energy use.
  • We’re carbon-neutral (or pretty darn close). We have measured and worked to reduce our corporate greenhouse gas emissions each year since 1998. Since 2005, we have taken the extra step to offset 100% of our measured corporate carbon footprint (we don’t yet track emissions from waste). We’re proud to report that our total greenhouse gas emissions decreased in 2013 for the first time in six years! View our greenhouse gas trends.
  • We love LEED®. Our Austin headquarters is the first LEED Platinum tenant office space in Austin. Plus, we’re located in a LEED for Existing Buildings Gold certified building. See photos and read more about our home.
  • We strive for zero waste. Our Austin headquarters has a comprehensive recycling and composting program, and our other offices are adding new waste reduction and reuse options all the time.
  • We share our story. Since 1999, we have issued a sustainability report that discloses our corporate environmental policies and performance. In line with our efforts to integrate sustainable practices into everything we do, we’ve recently incorporated information about our sustainability efforts throughout our website (you’re reading about it now!). Read past reports.

Employee Initiatives

  • We take action. The Green Ambassadors are a volunteer team of 50+ employees who influence company environmental policies, like our printing and purchasing standards, and organize a host of educational and volunteer events, like maintaining a community garden and street clean-ups. See photos of past events.
  • We lead by example. The Green Ambassadors helped design our platform for environmental sustainability (aptly named “Sustainable Me”) that encourages employees to measure their carbon footprint and take action to reduce it. For example, our Green Commuter program rewards employees for using more environmentally friendly commuting methods. Check out all of our Sustainable Me offerings.
  • We give back. We match employee donations to environmental non-profits through EarthShare® and the Green Mountain Energy™ Sun Club™, which donates solar to non-profits. Learn more about the Sun Club and EarthShare.