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At Green Mountain, we’re committed to the environment inside & out. That means we get up every day thinking about how to help our customers reduce their environmental impact and trying to reduce our own impact at work and at home while we’re at it.

We are dedicated to creating a sustainable and enjoyable workplace at Green Mountain. Employees here have a passion for the environment and regularly volunteer their time and talents to make a difference at work and in our community through our employee sustainability engagement platform, Sustainable Me.

Sustainable Me AT HOME

We offer employees options for powering their homes with renewable energy and the ability to offset their carbon footprints.

Employees who live in markets we serve are eligible for the lowest published rate for Green Mountain Energy® electricity. We’ve also offered employees incentives to install solar on their homes, and they can purchase the Nest Learning Thermostat™ at a discount through our partnership with Nest Labs.

For employees who want to further reduce their personal carbon footprint, we offer a combination of renewable energy certificates (RECs) and carbon offsets at cost to balance out their carbon footprint. The cost of the elected RECs and offsets are deducted automatically from participating employees’ paychecks on an after-tax basis.

Sustainable Me AT WORK

All Green Mountain employees are invited to participate in the Green Ambassadors, our volunteer employee sustainability team. The group organizes environmental events such as Earth Day celebrations, volunteering opportunities, and educational lunch and learns. Plus, the Green Ambassadors help develop and update environmental standards and programs around the office.

This team is responsible for expanding recycling and composting efforts company wide, as well as developing environmentally preferable printing standards, including using soy-based inks on paper made with at least 30% post-consumer waste and benign whitening products.

Sustainable Me COMMUTER

Our Green Commuter Program uses a point-based system to incent employees to use more environmentally friendly commuting methods, such as walking, biking, scooting, carpooling, taking public transit, and using hybrid and alternatively fueled vehicles. Participating employees are rewarded for their participation and avoided environmental impact with gift cards supporting like-minded environmentally oriented companies and cash prizes.



Sustainable Me AT PLAY

We look for opportunities for employees to get together outside of work to share our love for the environment. For example, we regularly hold volunteer events like street clean-ups and tree planting.

The Hill Country Conservancy is an Austin-based non-profit focused on land preservation in Central Texas. We partner with Hill Country Conservancy on a number of events throughout the year, including the annual “Give 5% to Mother Earth” campaign on Earth Day. To help employees appreciate nature and support their health and wellness, we also offer Austin employees discounted membership in Hill Country Conservancy’s outdoor recreation program, Emerging Professionals In Conservation.

Sustainable Me LOCAVORE

Our employees support local communities through volunteering and, where available, local farm delivery programs, like CitySprout. CitySprout connects local farmers with local buyers using a crowdsourcing model, offering discounted rates to participants through group purchasing and consolidated delivery. We also invite local food advocates to help educate us on ways that we can go local through gardening, composting and sustainable eating. For example, we’ve had the Sustainable Food Center in Austin help us identify local, sustainable Thanksgiving recipes, and we’ve had staff from the City of Austin provide information about local composting rebates.

Sustainable Me FUNDRAISER

We provide an easy way for our employees to give to the Green Mountain Energy™ Sun Club™ and EarthShare®  through automatic paycheck deductions. We match up to $10 per employee per pay period, or $240 per employee per year. See below for past donations – contributions made through 2012 were exclusively to EarthShare; 2013 contributions include Sun Club, as well. We had a record number of employees contribute in 2013 and recently completed a highly successful Fundraiser Drive that has set us up for even greater results for 2014.

EarthShare and Sun Club Donations
YearParticipating EmployeesEmployee DonationCompany MatchTotal Donation