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Accelerate the growth of solar energy in a whole new way – and get rewarded for it – by signing up for SolarSPARC™ (Smart People Accelerating Renewable Change).

Sign up for the first 100% solar product in Texas and put the sun to work by helping build new solar installations.

Green Mountain will contribute $4 each month you’re on this product to build new solar projects right here in Texas.

Plus, you’ll get an annual solar bill credit that grows over time based on the new projects you help fund. The more people who join you, the more new solar we’ll build.

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Ready, Set, Go!

Here are 2 easy ways to start funding new solar today.
1. Call us at 866-301-3120, option 4; OR
2. Enroll Online:
* Required Current Customer? Call us to enroll.

Becoming a SolarSPARC customer is simple1:

  • Get a competitive price on 100% solar energy2
  • Choose the flexibility of a month-to-month variable price option or the security of a fixed price term
  • We’ll contribute $4 per customer each month to build new solar projects in Texas3
  • You’ll get a solar bill credit of $11 per new project funded4, or pay it forward by gifting your credit to the Sun Club®, which donates solar to non-profits

And you’ll play an active role in developing new solar facilities and helping create a sustainable future!

The Projects

PFSPARC project SolarSPARC™

Our SolarSPARC electricity customers are supporting new solar development, and we’re kicking things off by funding the first project at the Green Mountain Energy® Wind Farm—Elbow Creek near Big Spring in West Texas, which we expect to be installed before the end of 2013. Check back periodically for updates on our progress.